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14 August 2016

I like being me

Stressss. Hahaha. Last week was the one of the most stress everr. When u hve so many assgnment to submit and ur group member doesnt give any coop, haiiyaa. doing all de works last minute. but tulahh, u hve to stay positive all de time. because u yg kne endure it bukan org lain. If you ask whether i love to be maself, wthout thinking i will just say no. butt if u give me time to think, i will said yes. sebab nikmat Allah bagi ni bnyakk kot, tak trbalas. Dengan parents nye, siblings, friends, even slack with some prob pon tkde hal lah, bnde boleh setel. orang lain lagi bnyak prob nyee, if nak compare with another ppl life yg dah chap 7 dngn kite pnye life yg bru chap 1 mmg lah asyik merungut je ann. thats why kene ukur baju di badan sndri.

You are motivator to ur self, n i am motivator to maself, haha. purpose tulis post ni sbb nak motivate dri sndri, sbb tk than tiap tiap hari nangis mase mandi, nak balikk. childish sngatt. So give it ur life some space to bring the happiness, whether it comes now or laterr, it will come. dun worry! Maybe im ur happiness ?? Rak lu pe ger. Assalamualaikum. 


 Btw, i like dis song bcause it gives me some strength i guess?
haha, to girls yg very insecure wth another girls tuu, boleh lah dengar lagu ni. 

Having a nice day gaiss//

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